Green revolution in fight against climate change:
regional and global perspectives

European Green Deal Policy

Regional perspective: the challenges for coal dependent regions, the consequences of decarbonisation

Inequalities resulting from green transition, including energy poverty

Energy efficiency: energy independence, energy security, economic growth and energy sources, energy intensity

Risk and organisational resilience
in face of climate change

Climate risk as a trigger for organisational resilience: facets of climate risk from organisational perspective, climate risk mitigation and adaptation policies/strategies, firm performance under climate risk

Climate risk reporting (energy efficiency, carbon emissions and climate policies; evolution of climate risk reporting regulations) 

Intersection of creativity and innovation for organisational resilience in the face of climate change, in this talent management initiatives and leadership in the process of organisational resilience

climate change and investment in new technologies

Green, resilient and smart cities: the management of energy, water and waste with new technologies

Smart society 5.0: use of ICT tools

Smart mobility and digitisation in transport and logistics; big data analysis in transport and logistics for resource-efficiency

Behavioral economic’s approach toward climate change

Behavioral drivers and patterns of sustainable energy consumption and in circular economy

Financial and emotional investment and speculations

Information asymmetry, perceptions and cognitive biases

Sustainable urban mobility: transport behaviours and transport policy